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            [Taiwan special line description]

            Taiwan special line refers to the logistics method of transporting by sea or air to Taiwan on the mainland. According to the mode of transportation, it can be divided into Taiwan express line, Taiwan shipping line, Taiwan air line; or according to the type of transportation products, it can be divided into Taiwan e-commerce line. , Taiwan Express Line, Taiwan Shipping Bulk

            [Taiwan special line process]

            Whether it is air or sea, it is basically shipped in Shenzhen or Hong Kong, and some modes of transportation can be shipped in Guangzhou;

            Air transportation mode, our company will choose to start from Shenzhen. In case of special shipments, we need to transfer to Hong Kong for shipment (such as products with batteries, battery products can be exempted from MSDS);

            Most of our shipping methods are from Shenzhen or Hong Kong. After arriving at the port of Taiwan, the recipients need to clear the goods themselves after picking up the goods.

            For the e-commerce express, our company has a separate operational process requirements, the shipments are packaged in bulk at the airport, and then the bags are delivered. E-commerce express mail from 50 votes per day, there are price concessions;