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          environmental protection

          To create “a resource-saving and environment-friendly” companies

          Tairui?Ningxia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is located in Yinchuan Yongning County Industrial Park telephoto. Inception of the company, it will “go green road, creating green Tairui” slogan as a business development, will create a “resource-saving and environment-friendly” business as unremittingly production, environmental protection guidelines. Companies in the strong economic development, environmental protection always keep in mind that since 2005, the company continued to strengthen environmental protection system, increase investment in environmental protection funds, and improve the operational capacity and the level of environmental protection, environmental protection work to develop innovative ideas, guide escalating environmental work.

          My company from 2005 to 2009 were built three sewage treatment station, five years cumulative environmental direct investment of nearly 100 million yuan, indirect environmental investment management, technical innovation processes nearly 200 million yuan. To further implement the wastewater discharge standards, the company invested several million dollars for the three sewage outfall station were standardized construction, the installation of COD online monitoring system, equipped with complete facilities and advanced facilities to achieve the monitoring and environmental protection department data networking, ready to effectively monitor the data.

          September 2006, the project is 47.7 million yuan investment in environmental protection cogeneration project officially construction of the building. For air pollution problems generated by the project, the combustion system and furnace desulfurization systems have adopted advanced environmental systems, reducing the emission of pollutants, played a high removal efficiency, and air-line monitoring device for monitoring and data at any time transmission. My company has a further stage in the reduction of active construction projects outside the furnace desulfurization of emissions of pollutants do. Cogeneration project in solving their own power, while heating problem solved heating the surrounding area, but also to ensure a good air quality in the region, to the harmonious development of the economy and the environment, and make sure the public service.

          2008 to 2009, the company invested 10 million building drying workshop, the use of advanced technology odorless drying, were confined to the dregs baking process to solve odor problems and the resulting waste. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the principle of “turning waste into treasure, utilization, eliminate pollution,” and in 2010 the company continued to invest 6 million yuan to expand the construction of drying plant, drying equipment continues to increase, better conduct environmental protection.

          In doing internal environmental work, it is also often made with superior environmental protection department of the initiative to contact the company’s environmental work on my supervision and guidance for the latest environmental governance policies, laws and regulations, the timely completion of the Environmental Protection Agency issued the energy reduction Pai task conscientiously discharge declaration and registration of full and timely payment of sewage charges, all new, revision, and expansion projects strictly enforce the “Environmental Impact Assessment” and “three simultaneous” system, the implementation rate of 100%. Product and its production process substances contained in compliance with national laws, regulations, standards and international conventions signed by the country banned substance-related requirements.

          2011 production line through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, is now active in environment-friendly enterprise reporting and verification of environmental protection. Through effective communication with the environmental protection department, the company’s environmental work to a new level.

          After many years of accumulated experience in environmental protection, the company continued transformation of the concept of environmental protection, increase employee awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation, increase investment in environmental protection, optimize production process operation, strictly control the use of coal, water, and efforts to resolve the waste present in the device loss of resources or resource bottlenecks, ensuring device efficient and smooth running of the case does not drain resources. Vigorously implement energy saving technological transformation, increase energy efficiency devices and reuse. Emissions from wastewater, waste gas emission concentrations were below the national requirements, and establish and improve various environmental records, and make sure the law, based on evidence, optimize the management, improve management and governance levels of contaminants.
          Under the joint efforts of all staff, the company pollution control work and constant innovation and improvement, energy saving and emission reduction measures are effective, and achieved certain results. In future work, the company will continue to strictly implement the state’s environmental laws and regulations, environmental protection tasks clear, unified environmental awareness, environmental protection work to strengthen leadership, implement the plan, to develop clean production, the implementation of energy-saving work, development promoting recycling economy. The company will further strengthen the management and evaluation mechanisms of environmental protection work, and improve various systems and methods, and establish long-term mechanism of environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises to take environmentally friendly new environmentally friendly industrial road, to achieve a real sense of green production.